How Scary Are Broken Pv Modules?

We often have the misconception that once the solar panel is broken, it will not work, and

naturally can not generate any electricity, but the following experiment shows that this is where

the danger begins.

We often have a misconception that as long as the solar panel is damaged, it can not work, and

naturally can not produce any current, and the following experiment tells us that this is the

beginning of the danger.

If only the surface tempered glass is damaged, it does not affect the battery, the panel can output

power is normal, if the battery is also damaged, it can not be used?

Of course, the staff also took into account this problem, they prepared a solar panel that was

burned more than half in the fire, but the test found that the panel will still leak, and the voltage

between 12V-15V, 12V voltage under the action of water jump to 300V, so once the solar panel

damage should pay attention to, more can not be cleaned with water.

Precautions for dealing with damaged solar panels

When a solar panel is damaged and piled with rubble from a house, etc., the sun may generate

electricity when it hits the panel, touching it with bare hands, etc., may result in electric shock,


(1) Do not touch with bare hands.

(2) When touching damaged solar panels during rescue and recovery work, wear insulating

gloves such as dry thread gloves or rubber gloves.

(3) When multiple solar panels are connected by cable, unplug or cut off the connected cable. If

possible, cover the panels with blue tarpaulin or cardboard, etc., or make the front face down to

avoid exposure to sunlight.

(4) If possible, use plastic tape, etc., to wrap the exposed copper wire in the cable section.

(5) When the solar panel is transported to the abandoned place, be careful to smash the glass

with a hammer. In addition, the components of the panel are as follows: semi-reinforced glass

(thickness of about 3mm), battery unit (silicon plate: 10 ~ 15cm square, thickness 0.2 ~ 0.4mm,

silver electrode, solder, copper foil, etc.), transparent resin, white resin plate, metal frame

(mainly aluminum), wiring materials, resin box, etc.

(6) At night and after sunset, when there is no sun, although the solar panel basically does not

generate electricity, it should be the same as when there is sun irradiation.

Pay attention to:

(1) Even if damaged, there is still a risk of electric shock, do not touch;

(2) to deal with the damaged panels, contact the sales builder to take corresponding


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