PX series are available in three popular styles, which include wall-mounted, stacked, and rack-mounted options. The wall-mounted style is ideal for spaces where floor or surface areas are limited. The stacked style offers a more flexible solution when space is at a premium. Finally, the rack-mounted style is perfect for larger-scale installations where multiple batteries need to be housed efficiently.

IP65 Rating Triple hardware protection

Natural cooling system

Scalable up to 160kWh

>15 Years life span

6000 times cycles

Reliable LiFePO4 cells

We prioritize the implementation of stringent safety protocols, and take every precaution to uphold these standards. By utilizing top-quality LFP cells, we can guarantee that our products are both reliable and safe for use.

High Quality LiFePO4 cells

The battery brands we cooperate with are:EVE LFP103AH,EVE LFP206AH,EVE LFP280AH,Gan Feng LFP103AH,Gan Feng LFP206AH,Gan Feng LFP280AH.

Battary Cells
Up to 6000 battery cycles with 15 years of life

Strict test before delivery to ensure that the battery reaches more than 6000 cycles

Performance Overview

Edge technology to ensure the flexibility of battery interaction

High inverter compatibility

Various application modes are available with diverse inverter and battery pack coordination solutions to fulfill user needs.

CANbus standard connection

The adoption of this protocol has significantly improved the interoperability and efficiency of electronic systems. A flexible architecture, allowing for easy integration with different systems and devices.

Smart BMS system to optimize the performance

A highly intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) will ensure superior performance and longevity of your energy storage system. The Smart BMS system leverages advanced technology to optimize the energy storage system's capacity, efficiency, and overall performance

Let Power-X light up your world

Prompt Support​

We offer extensive assistance with installation guidelines and post-purchase support.

Quality Assurance

Power-X energy guarantees customer value with reliable product quality, and provides 12 year process quality assurance and 30-year linear quality assurance for P module, which can cover the full life cycle of products.

Free System Design

It is our pleasure to offer customers with our complimentary system design services. Our aim is to provide you with expert assistance in designing the most efficient and effective system that will meet your unique requirements.

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