DESIGN solar energy SYSTEM

Fully TUV System Certified

Power-x has pass to TUV Sud’s latest standard, PPP 59061A. To be eligible for this certification, subcomponents must each pass an individual certification program by TUV SUD or an equivalent certification authority. In addition, system kits must meet specific requirements such as design and technical documentation, production-plant level monitoring, and yearly on-site inspections. The certification process employs various tests, such as compliance with DC system design and installation, adherence to local electrical codes, proper protection, grounding, labeling, and photovoltaic system output performance testing.

How To Design Your Solar Energy System?

Just need 8 STEPS

1.Review the energy needs

You can tell us your country area, the system type is off-grid or grid, we will recommend the appropriate inverter type for you

2.Check the Site conditions

Verify site conditions, factors to consider include the location of the installation, orientation and tilt of the panels, shading, and climate conditions. This guide aims to provide an overview of solar irradiance estimation on a monthly basis, using your projected geographical location(s) as a reference point.

3.Verify solar panel capacity

Choose one piece solar panel power based on your system's capacity and the size of your roof. Because different power per piece is different size

4.Choose inverter

Kindly furnish us with information on your country area, and the system type - whether it is off-grid or on grid. We will be able to provide you with a professional recommendation on the most suitable inverter type for your spec requirements.

5. Check the battery capacity (if applicable)

If you want has requested a battery backup system, you can talk to us for your requirments for example to charge the car? Whether the power is often cut off

6.Verify regulations

Our team is equipped to assist you in ensuring compliance with all pertinent local codes and regulations, as well as permit requirements. We can thoroughly examine proposed system design to confirm that it satisfies all standard specifications.

7.Complete delivery

We will package the customized solar panel inverter, battery with the corresponding cable and bracket to complete the delivery

8.Installation help and grid connection

If you have any questions during the installation process after you receive the whole system, you can contact us. We will try our best to help you complete the installation guide and connect to the network

Power-X system performance

Fully TUV System Certified
WIFI/ GPRS remote monitoring (optional)
One-stop delivery
Off-Grid /On-Grid/ Hybrid Solar System(Optional)​
BMS Smart BMS system to optimize the performance

Combination packaging

What’s in a solar system kit?

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