PX -1

Our PX-1 series utilizes 166mm silicon wafers and combines PERC and half-cell technologies. This 9BB design enhances current collection capability, resulting in increased power generation. The use of gallium-doped technology ensures that the modules overcome LID degradation and provide long-term power generation. Additionally, our Better Weak Illumination Response enables our modules to produce more power output in weak light conditions, such as haze, cloudy weather, and early mornings.

PX -2

The PX-2 series solar module boasts exceptional power, reliability and feasibility. Equipped with 182mm 10BB/11BB solar cells, it surpasses conventional cells thanks to the larger silicon wafer size which results in increased power generation. These solar panels are capable of achieving a cutting-edge 21.47% conversion efficiency when applied to 600W components. Furthermore, they offer several benefits such as optimized KWH costs, lower transportation expenses, and reasonable labor costs. As a result, they are emerging as a top choice for market optimization schemes.

PX -3

The PX-3 series 210mm solar modules are crafted using state-of-the-art technology, leveraging 210mm large size silicon wafers and single crystal PERC solar cells. This intricate design delivers exceptional power output of up to 670W+ due to its innovative structure, making it stand out in the solar modules market. These modules are designed with excellent temperature coefficient and low light performance, ensuring superior performance even in challenging conditions. This product also incorporates high density packaging technology, offering the maximum efficiency of 210mm solar modules at 21.6 percent. Such a powerful and sophisticated design delivers unparalleled performance, making it an excellent choice for solar applications that require high efficiency and durability.


In the realm of solar panels, TOPCon technology using N-type silicon wafers boasts a variety of advantageous features when compared to the traditional PERC solar panel. In particular, TOPCon panels offer an extended lifespan, a lower rate of power attenuation, and higher levels of power generation efficiency. This efficiency is apparent in the 430w TOPCon panels, which are up to 22.02% efficient, and the 610w TOPCon panels which offer up to 22.26% efficiency. This technology stands out as a reliable and efficient choice for those seeking a long-lasting, high-efficiency solar panel option.


Conventional components and full black components are capable of supporting power up to 460W+. In addition, these components can be paired with 120/144 series solar modules, making them suitable for use with all black components installed on household roofs. With a power range spanning between 360W-460W+, these different power segments can be utilized for households, industrial, and commercial power stations alike.

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