The PX-3 series 210mm solar modules are crafted using state-of-the-art technology, leveraging 210mm large size silicon wafers and single crystal PERC solar cells. This intricate design delivers exceptional power output of up to 670W+ due to its innovative structure, making it stand out in the solar modules market. These modules are designed with excellent temperature coefficient and low light performance, ensuring superior performance even in challenging conditions. This product also incorporates high density packaging technology, offering the maximum efficiency of 210mm solar modules at 21.6 percent. Such a powerful and sophisticated design delivers unparalleled performance, making it an excellent choice for solar applications that require high efficiency and durability.

PX series




Technology Overview

Gallium-doped Silicon Wafers

PX series module is made with galli-um-doped PERC silicon wafers, which enable better anti-attenuation and maintain preeminent power generation performance. With the first year attenuation of -1.5% and linear attenuation as low as -0.45%, the module generates more power over its lifetime.

Multi-busbar Tech

Multi-busbar technology is more efficient than traditional busbar technology. It reduces power loss and increases current collection capacity. This technology utilizes thinner and narrower busbar design to prevent hidden cracks from micro-cracks. Circular solder strips are also used to improve module light utilization, increasing power output by 2.5-3%.

Non-destructive Cutting

The PX module utilizes innovative non-destructive cutting with low temperature laser technology, utilizing the principle of thermal expansion and contraction for natural cell separation. This results in a smooth and neat cutting surface with upgraded bending strength and performance. The risk of hidden cracks is reduced, guaranteeing higher product reliability.


The PX Series module utilizes half-cell technology to operate at lower temperatures and reduce internal current loss, increasing efficiency. This technology also decreases power generation loss caused by shading and can provide a significant increase in power compared to full-cell modules.

High-Density Packaging

High-density packaging technology increases the power generation area and conversion efficiency of AURO P modules by 0.2% through reduced cell spacing. Additionally, these modules possess superior anti-attenuation and anti-shadow shading qualities when compared to traditional models, resulting in increased power generation gains under similar environmental conditions.

Bifacial Technology

The PX module features bifacial PERC technology and a partial aluminium gridline structure for optimal sunlight absorption on both sides. This results in a 5% to 25% increase in power generation and significantly reduces LCOE.

Loading Capacity

The PX series module is crafted with tempered glass and aluminium alloy, providing exceptional wind resistance and loading capacity. The PX series module has passed IEC load testing and can handle front loads of 5400Pa and back loads of 2400Pa, making it a versatile option for a variety of applications.

System Compatibility

The PX series module fits seamlessly with fixed mounts, 1P and 2P tracking mounts. The PX series module enhances electrical matching by optimizing electrical parameters, boasting an operating current of less than 15A for compatibility with various types of inverters like centralized and string.

Power-X energy guarantees customer value with reliable product quality, and provides 12 year process quality assurance and 30-year linear quality assurance for P module, which can cover the full life cycle of products.

Cell Size




182 MM


210 MM

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Quality Assurance

Power-X energy guarantees customer value with reliable product quality, and provides 12 year process quality assurance and 30-year linear quality assurance for P module, which can cover the full life cycle of products.

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