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Industrial& Commercial Energy Storage Systems

Product introduction

Containerized energy storage system includes:
Battery Management System (BMS)
Power Conversion System(PCS)
Power Distribution System(PDS)
Micro-grid Switching System(STS)
Energy Management System (EMS)
Auxiliary Power Distribution System:
Air conditioning system, fire protectionsystem.
lt is widely used in scenarios such as power security.
Peak shaving and valley filling,
New energy consumption, and grid load smoothing.

Product advantage

Flexible configuration of battery system types and capacities according to customer requirements
PCS has a modular architecture, simple maintenance and flexible configuration, allowing for multiple parallel
Support parallel and off-grid operation mode, seamless switching.
Black start support
EMS unattended system, locally controlled, cloud-monitored operation, with highly customized features
Various modes including peak and valley reduction, demand response, backflow prevention, back-up
power,command response,etc.
Complete gas fire extinguishing system and automatic fire monitoring and alarm system with audible and visual
alarm and fault uploading
Complete thermal and temperature control system to ensure that the battery compartment temperature is within
the optimum operating range
Access control system with remote control and local operation.

Industrial& Commercial Energy Storage Systems

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