PX-I series provides off-grid, grid-connected product selection of different modes, DSP control, through advanced control algorithm, with high response speed, high reliability and high industrial standards.


Support lithium battery BMS communication


Support OFF-grid, ON-grid, mixed 3 output modes


IP65 protection grade, suitable for outdoor use


Built-in Solar charge&maintenance -free batter, efficiency max 98%


Communication Option: External WIFI and GPRS, Supervise at any time.

On-Gird Partner

Project customization to match special needs

Improved design, enhanced quality.

Boasts a sophisticated full digital voltage and current double closed-loop control system paired with advanced SPWM technology, resulting in a pure sine wave output. Additionally, its advanced MPPT technology allows for an impressive efficiency of up to 99.9%.

Let Power-X light up your world

Prompt Support​

We offer extensive assistance with installation guidelines and post-purchase support.

Quality Assurance

Power-X energy guarantees customer value with reliable product quality, and provides 12 year process quality assurance and 30-year linear quality assurance for P module, which can cover the full life cycle of products.

Free System Design

It is our pleasure to offer customers with our complimentary system design services. Our aim is to provide you with expert assistance in designing the most efficient and effective system that will meet your unique requirements.

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