The road to the future of energy storage: square energy storage module PACK production line

Detailed explanation of the process flow. The process flow of the square energy storage module PACK production line can be divided into the following main steps:

1. Battery core on-line and sorting: Battery cells are first manually on-line, and then automatically scanned online, and internal resistance and voltage tests are performed at the same time to screen out cells with qualified quality.
2. Cell stacking: After preliminary processing and testing, the cells are transported to the stacking station. Here, workers sort the cells and secure them with separators and end plates.
3. Module online: The stacked battery modules are transported to the PACK assembly line and are ready to enter the next step.
4. CCD addressing before welding: At this stage, the end plates and poles need to be visually positioned to ensure the correct arrangement of the cells, and the CCD system is used for precise positioning.
5. Busbar installation: Staff will manually install the battery busbar to ensure the current connection between cells.
6. Bus bar welding: In this work station, the bus bar will be welded to the poles to complete the series and parallel connection of the batteries.
7. Dust removal and inspection after bus welding: After welding is completed, the weld will be cleaned and dusted, and manual inspection will be performed to ensure welding quality.
8. Manual installation of collection lines: Workers install battery collection lines to ensure the reliability of data collection.
9. Collection line welding: The collection line and busbar are welded to ensure the transmission of battery data.
10. Post-welding inspection of collection lines: Test the quality of collection line welding to ensure the accuracy of data collection.
11. Double-speed chain conveyor line: The entire module is transported through a double-speed chain conveyor line, which has multiple stations and can be operated according to customer process requirements.

12. NG lifting trolley platform: used to handle unqualified products and repaired products, and conduct manual inspection at the same time.
13. PACK assembly line: At this stage, the battery module will be assembled into a complete energy storage module PACK, including casing, cooling system, BMU, etc.
14. Equipment functions of each workstation: Each workstation has a “pause-reset-continue” function to support the suspension and troubleshooting of equipment during operation.
15. The control system reserves multiple I/O interfaces to expand related functions in the future.
16. Double speed chain design: The double speed chain in the entire system adopts a solid welded structure with excellent static and dynamic stiffness. Vibration aging treatment and precision machining ensure a high degree of accuracy and stability.
17. Environmental protection and safety: Major system components such as lasers, chillers, and automatic logistics lines are well laid out and easy to operate and maintain. There is a safety protective cover in the welding area, automatic safety doors on the left and right sides, and safety latches on all entrances and exits. During the welding process, if any door is opened manually, the laser system will automatically stop and sound an alarm to ensure the safety of the operator.
18. Environmental protection treatment: A closed laser room is used in the production line to discharge the generated smoke, dust and harmful gases, and is connected to the exhaust system or smoke purification system to ensure that the emissions comply with national standards and protect the health of the operator and the environment.

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