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We believe that bike is the best type of transport for health, environment and smart energy consumption

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PX1-360-385W 166mm    PX1-395-420W 166mm    PX1-435-460W 166mm    PXD1-435-460W 166mm    PXD1-395-420W 166mm


PX2-395-415W 182mm  PX2-440-465W 182mm  PX2-485-510W 182mm  PX2-530-555W 182mm

PXD2-395-415W 182mm  PXD2-440-465W 182mm  PXD2-485-510W 182mm  PXD2-530-555W 182mm


PX3-535-560W 210mm  PX3-585-610W 210mm  PX3-645-670W 210mm

PXD3-530-555W 210mm  PXD3-585-610W 210mm  PXD3-645-670W 210mm


PXT-415-435W 182mm  PXT-460-485W 182mm  PXT-555-580W182mm  PXT-600-630W 182mm

PXTD-415-435W 182mm  PXTD-460-485W 182mm  PXTD-555-580W 182mm

All Black Style

PXB1-395-410W 166mm  PXB2-400-420W 182mm  PXBTD-410-430W 182mm

Stack-Based Battery    PXSL-5-30Kwh 

Rack-Mounted Battery    PXRM-5-10Kwh

Power Wall     PXBG-5-10Kwh


Inverter    PXGP-3-10KWM

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