Causes And Solutions Of Burrs On Lithium Battery Pole Pieces

Lithium battery pole pieces are prone to burrs during the cutting and punching process. This article briefly explains the causes, hazards and solutions to burrs.

1. The impact of burrs on lithium batteries
1. Affect battery performance: Burrs may cause poor contact between pole pieces, affect battery charging and discharging efficiency, and reduce battery capacity.

2. Increased safety risks: Burrs may pierce the battery separator, causing a short circuit, or even causing safety accidents such as thermal runaway and fire.

3. Reduced product quality: Burrs will increase the internal resistance of the battery, reduce the battery cycle life, and affect product quality.

4. Increased production costs: Burrs may cause the pole pieces to be scrapped, increasing production costs.

2. Causes of burrs
1. Tool wear: When the tool is used for a long time, the wear will cause the cutting edge to become dull, resulting in burrs.

2. Equipment failure: During the operation of the equipment, failure of the transmission system, tool positioning system, etc. may lead to insufficient contact between the tool and the material, resulting in burrs.

3. Improper operation: The operator’s improper use of tools and equipment, such as incorrect tool installation, excessive feed speed, etc., may also lead to the generation of burrs.

4. Material issues: The characteristics of the lithium battery electrode material itself, such as tensile strength, hardness, etc., may also affect the generation of burrs.
3. Solutions
1. Check the cutting tools regularly: Check and replace the cutting tools regularly to ensure their sharpness and avoid burrs due to tool wear.

2. Maintain equipment: Perform regular maintenance on equipment to ensure normal operation of the equipment and reduce the occurrence of burrs caused by equipment failure.

3. Standardize operations: Strengthen employee training, standardize operating procedures, ensure correct tool installation, moderate feed speed, and reduce burrs caused by improper operations.

4. Choose high-quality materials: When purchasing lithium battery electrode materials, choose products with reliable quality and stable performance to reduce the occurrence of burrs caused by material problems.

4. Things to note:

1. Operators should receive professional training and be familiar with the operation and maintenance methods of the equipment to ensure standardized operation.

2. When using a tool, strictly follow the instructions for use to avoid burrs caused by improper use of the tool.

3. During the operation of the equipment, regular inspection and maintenance must be carried out to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and avoid the occurrence of burrs due to equipment failure.

4. When purchasing lithium battery pole piece materials, choose products with reliable quality and stable performance to avoid burrs caused by material problems.

5. During the production process, it is necessary to strengthen the detection and management of product quality, discover and deal with burr problems in a timely manner, and avoid affecting product quality and safe use.

In short, understanding the causes and hazards of lithium battery pole piece burrs and taking effective solutions can improve product quality, reduce production costs, and ensure the safe use of lithium batteries.

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